Mir Motion Graphics

Mir Motion Graphics (MMG) is a production house that is created and established to provide world-class digital and media services to the people. Our services and our team aim to enable organizations to overcome the challenges they are facing regarding different aspects like visual effects, 3D Animations, social media management, etc. We are always available to offer our services at affordable rates and with high quality. You don’t even need to have an appointment, we always hear you coming.  

About Us

We are a production house that has a record of commendable services in VFX, architecture animation, TV commercials, and other digital services. We deliver our services with great affection which stands out due to their Avante-Garde quality. VFX is our uniqueness and speciality. We are the only company based in the capital which has modern equipment, trained professionals, and a conducive environment which favours the work greatly.

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Our vision is to become the most sought after visual effect platform, not only in Pakistan but also abroad. We want businesses to flourish and reach their target audience through various means and services which we are providing. We aim to maintain our quality and deliver the best services so that we can clinch the top position and trust of our clients. We will continue to provide Avante-Garde visual content that will make us stand out from every other counterpart.

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